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Account Coordinator at Brodeur Partners – NYC

By shirleysr
Posted on 15 September 2014 | 8:37 pm — 

This job description lists the minimum necessary qualifications for this position. The company will consider any and all other relevant factors in making hiring and advancement decisions.

Job purpose

The Account Coordinator position is an entry-level, professional position that provides organizational, logistical and media relations support to the account team. The Account Coordinator plays a key role on the team by organizing and coordinating the administrative aspects of team activity, in addition to handling day-to-day, client work under the direction of a more senior team member. This position generally involves more public relations work/projects on behalf of the account team but Account Coordinators are encouraged to have some appropriate levels of entry-level client contact. This position is FLSA nonexempt and therefore eligible for overtime pay.


Supervisory structure

The Account Coordinator is supervised by a Senior Account Executive or higher level team member, but may accept direction from and work closely with an Assistant Account Executive and/or Account Executive on a daily basis.

If an intern is present on the team, the Account Coordinator may oversee the day-to-day efforts of that intern, without holding supervisory responsibility.


Essential duties and responsibilities


  • Develops an understanding of the client’s products and services, markets and competitors.
  • Sits in on client calls and briefings where appropriate.
  • Supports/handles routine client requests.
  • Prepares, edits and produces client reports as required.
  • Arranges client-related team meetings, conferences and/or events, including coordination of attendees, reservation of conference room(s) or off-site location(s), production and delivery of all materials, catering/food, set-up, etc. Works at the event (e.g., at guest sign-in tables) and takes notes if required.


  • Conducts basic research via web and utilities social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to track client and key competitive coverage.
  • Scans press on a daily basis and may be responsible for “clipping” coverage for team use.
  • Researches and coordinates editorial calendars. Can include keeping team members informed of upcoming editorial opportunities.

Media, analyst & blogger relations

  • Creates and maintains essential lists involved in account activity, including media, blogger and analyst lists, client lists, etc.
  • Proofreads and issues news releases over the wire as required by the account team.
  • Disseminates client news to appropriate media, blogger and analysts as required.
  • Assembles briefing materials, and other client related documents.


  • Understands office procedures and acts as liaison with vendors (e.g., newswire services), may be a liaison with internal teams as required.
  • Completes a daily timesheet to accurately reflect billable and non-billable time and meets billability goals.
  • Attends applicable professional development.
  • Performs additional related duties as required.

Possible additional duties and responsibilities (supervisor check all that apply)              

  • Provides back up support for front desk or answering phones as needed.
  • Inputs, proofreads and monitors quality control of documents.
  • Develops and maintains any files required by the account team.
  • Monitors deadlines, meetings, team calendars, etc.
  • Assists with/conducts background research for new business.
  • Writes pitch letters, status reports and memos under supervision.
  • Begins learning media and blogger relations and pitching process; places event-specific proactive calls, e.g. press conference attendance.


Required minimum qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent related work experience. Degree in public relations, journalism, communications or related field preferred.
  • Internship or two+ months experience in public relations (agency or corporate), marketing communications, journalism or related field.
  • Proficiency on the Microsoft Office suite of software.
  • Strong understanding of social media including Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to organize multiple tasks and prioritize responsibilities.
  • Ability to work independently as well as with other members of a team.


FLSA status                        

  •  Non exempt
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