CFP: 2012 Southern Historical Association

CfP: 2012 Southern Historical Association — Reminder with Revised Submission Deadline (9/15)

The Program Committee for the 2012 conference of the Southern Historical Association invites proposals on all topics related to the history of the American South from its pre-colonial era to today. In addition, for the 2012 meeting in Mobile, it extends a special welcome to proposals relating to:

 * Mobile and the Gulf South (including its relation to the Caribbean and N. American interior)

* International, transnational, or comparative approaches to the American South

* 2012 as an anniversary of major historical events, publications, etc. (For example: War of 1812, Civil War 1862, Election of Woodrow Wilson 1912; Equal Rights Amendment 1972-1982. Or, the historical context for the 2012 Presidential Election and the American South).

The Program Committee accepts proposals for single papers but encourages session proposals that include two or three papers.

According to SHA policy, no one who appeared on the previous two programs, those at Charlotte and Baltimore, can be part of the program in Mobile. No two people from the same institution can be on the same session.

NOTE: New Policy regarding composition of proposals for the 2012 Program: Those submitting proposals should include suggestions of people who would be appropriate as commentators/chairs but not issue invitations. The Program Committee will select and invite a chair and usually two commentators.

DEADLINE: The deadline for proposals this year is September 15, 2011.

All 2012 proposals must be submitted online:

If you are interested in submitting a session for the Latin American and Caribbean Section, please visit their web site:

2012 Program Committee Co-Chairs: Don Doyle and Marjorie Spruill, University of South Carolina

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