Lifelong Learning

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Charleston Area Lifelong Learning (CALL) provides an opportunity to go back into a classroom with your peers, to facilitate a class or just to learn. It’s a great way to make new friends.

You can choose to be on either side of the desk as experts share a lifetime of knowledge and experience with their peers.

CALL courses will begin again in February 2021.

Come back then to see what we have to offer.



(Course length varies from 3 to 6 weeks)

Some will be in-person at the Riley Center and some will be virtual.


An Introduction to Astronomy, Part 2


10-11:30 AM– 6 weeks (10/13 -11/17):

Facilitator: Fred Rosenberg

Course Description: Gain an appreciation of astronomy in a course covering stars, galaxies and the universe. No prerequisite necessary. Uses Crash Course Videos.

Facilitator’s bio: Fred Rosenberg has a Ph.D. in astronomy from the University of Virginia. He has done X-ray and EUV astronomy research at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory/University College London, Naval Research Laboratory, and the Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. He took part in national defense research at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and was an adjunct faculty at the College of Charleston.

Mars Now and into the Future

IN PERSON (Riley Center) & ONLINE

Noon to 1:30 – 4 weeks (10/13 – 11/03)

Facilitator: John Barth

Course Description: This is a short, 4-week class looking at man’s fascination with Mars: past, present and future. Starting with a look at Mars in myth and imagination, the course will include information on getting to Mars, along with details of past and current missions. It will culminate in a discussion of what might be in store going forward.

Facilitator’s bio: John Barth is a former USAF officer who later worked for BAE Systems NA as part of a joint program with Australia. He has a lifelong interest in flight, with a special interest in World War I aircraft. He has been following the latest competing missions to Mars, now en-route.

Reader’s Theatre

IN-PERSON ONLY (Riley Center, Limit 14)

1:30 to 2:30 PM – 4 weeks (10/13 – 11/03)

Facilitator: Diana Barth:

Course Description:   Reader’s Theatre actors do not memorize their lines. They use vocal expression to help listeners understand the story, rather than relying on sets, costumes or movement. In this course, we’ll read both modern and classic plays aloud, discussing the issues explored in our chosen works. Participants will be invited to suggest scenes from some of their favorite plays.

Facilitator’s Bio: Diana Barth has taught English to adults and at the secondary school level.  A retired attorney, she has also written for her local newspaper, covering politics and later serving as arts and entertainment editor. She loves the opportunity to participate in Reader’s Theatre.

See the Reader’s Theatre performed at the end of the course.



What Has Covid-19 Done to Sports?

IN PERSON (Riley Center) & ONLINE

10-11:30 AM – 3 weeks (Nov. 4,11 & 18)

Facilitator: Wayne Heckrotte

Course Description: This course is intended to be a lively discussion of the past and current sports seasons, focusing on MLB, the NBA/WNBA, the NFL and college football. Come ready to discuss how Covid-19 has impacted schedules, attendance, injuries and any other factors we want to address. Come with your opinions as to what worked, didn’t work, and why. For example, is the drastic cut back in spring training related to the very high injury rate in the current baseball season? Would the Big-10 and PAC-12 be able to play a spring schedule and follow it up in the fall? Did the Bubble really live up to expectations or POP?  Will social distancing rules apply to players who are huddling, tackling, defending against passes, etc.? Will the Citadel beat Clemson because of a Covid-19 positive test result for Trevor Lawrence at half-time? Come opinionated. We may share our opinions with the leagues!

Facilitator:  Wayne has been an avid sports fan all his life.  He’s a lifetime member of the Oriole Advocates (service organization). He’s a retired large systems project manager.


40 Years of China’s Modernization

IN PERSON (Riley Center) & ONLINE

12:30 to 2 PM – 3 weeks- (Oct. 21 & 28, Nov. 4)

Facilitator: Melford A. Wilson, Jr.

Course Description: This course, a follow-up to last term’s abbreviated sessions, will focus on China’s modernization process and results, especially its creation of a new professional class.  The couse will review changes in the Communist Party’s relationships with the populace.

Facilitator’s Bio: Dr. Melford Wilson is a Distinguished Professor and former Vice President at Winthrop University and an Honorary Distinguished Professor at Shanghai International Studies University.  His class will cover some of his first-hand experiences and insights gained during a forty-year span of visiting China.



Romanticism: Keats & Shelley

IN PERSON (Riley Center) & ONLINE

10 to 11:30 AM – 6 weeks- (Oct. 15 – Nov. 19)

Facilitator:  Diana T. Barth

Course Description: This course will take a brief look back at Romanticism in literature through the works of two of our English language’s best loved poets: Keats & Shelley.  Many of us may have studied some of their poems in high school or college but have never revisited them since that time.

Facilitator’s Bio: Diana Barth taught English literature before earning a law degree. She enjoys sharing her love of poetry.

Exploring the Art of Practical Meditation

IN PERSON (Riley Center) & ONLINE

1 to 2:15 – 6 weeks- (Oct. 15 – Nov. 19)

Facilitator:  Judith Moore

Course Description: This class is based on the work of two great teachers: Jon Kabat-Zinn, who has taught mindfulness-based stress reduction at Massachusetts General Hospital for 30 years and Jack Kornfield, an American ordained as a Buddhist monk. Facilitator Judith Moore shares mindfulness to help people find some peace in a crazy world. She says mindfulness is a simple practice – simple, but often not easy. However, it can be learned, and contrary to belief, does not require a special setting or hours of sitting with legs uncomfortably crossed like a pretzel. All it requires is a willingness to learn and the discipline to practice. The format for this class will be 15 or so minutes of teaching; a 10-minute guided body scan and relaxation process; followed by 20 minutes of silent meditation. At the end of each session there will be an opportunity to share and ask questions. Come and learn to stop, breathe, pay attention, and slow down. It works!

Facilitator’s Bio: Judith Moore, M.S., CPC, has studied and practiced meditation of various forms for over 40 years – long enough to have learned what works easily and consistently, and can be taught with simplicity in any setting or circumstance. She has a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Maryland, and is a Certified Professional Coach. As the founder and director of a non-profit offering workshops focused on personal growth and transformation from 1996 – 2002, she had the privilege of hosting and working with seminal minds in the human potential movement like Joan Borysenko, Jean Houston, Lama Surya Das, Marion Woodman, and many others. In 2003, she opened the Charleston Cookie Company – having nothing to do with meditation –but some really good cookies were produced and sold for 11 years. She has studied energy medicine for 25 years, and is currently “retired,” and returning to her roots as an integrative practitioner.

Who We Are:

    The Charleston Academy for Lifelong Learning (CALL) is a program offered by the College of Charleston Center for Creative Retirement.

  • Our classes are peer-to-peer and meet online and/or in person at the College of Charleston’s Riley Center for Livable Communities, 176 Lockwood Boulevard, Charleston. Parking is plentiful and free.
  • Courses are online, in person, or a hybrid, i.e., a combination of both.
  • Classes meet weekly for anything from one to six weeks and are 90 minutes each, unless otherwise specified in the course description.
  • CALL offers fall, winter, and summer terms.
  • CALL participants pay $5 per course (a token amount to cover costs during the current pandemic).
  • Participants may register for any or all the courses offered that term. They will receive a confirmation with the time, place and a parking permit. If the course is offered online, they will also receive a Zoom link to that class.
  • As a peer-to-peer lifelong learning organization, we are always looking for facilitators with an interest or passion to share. We are now looking for a wide variety of courses for our Winter Term (Feb/Mar).


Register/Contact Us:

Registration is secure and online at  If you have any registration questions, email us at

More information and links to CALL Registration are online at

 CALL is also on Facebook at

CALL Committee Chair Diana Barth can be reached at CAforLifelongLearning  The Riley Center for Livable Communities can be reached at (843)953-6103.

You do not have to be a member of CCR to take CALL classes. You can also reserve a spot in a class by mailing, completing payment and registration on the first day of class. Everyone who registers will receive an emailed confirmation.

If you want to be a part of the CALL committee, are interested in facilitating a class for future terms, or just want to ask a question, Email or CALL Coordinator Diana Barth at