16 Job Search Errors Often Made

August 15, 2011

By Rachel Farrell, CareerBuilder.com
From CNNLiving.com

Over the years, hiring managers have born witness to every hiring, interviewing, resume, cover letter and negotiation mistake there is. You know what these blunders are. Yet you (and hundreds of other job seekers) continue to make common job search mistakes.

From those who see your mistakes over and over, here are 16 common job search mistakes to avoid — and some of them may surprise you.

8 important tips for Skype interview

July 11, 2011

From BetterJobsAdvice.com

With video interviews becoming more common during hiring, not being prepared can easily keep you out of the running. While meeting via video is time saver, getting past the technological barriers of not speaking face-to-face can be difficult. Be sure you’re prepared and use Skype to your advantage, experts say.

Looking for more ways to impress? Here’s how to handle a video or Skype interview.

Career Amp – Use Facebook in a New Way

June 20, 2011

CareerAmp is a new application that makes professional networking possible in Facebook. Career Amp allows you to connect with friends and see what positions may be open at the companies they work with.  CareerAmp can help amplify your career and get the most from your Facebook network, in a professional setting.

What are the perks?

  • Search Opportunities
  • Update your profile and make it personal
  • Browse connections on Facebook
  • See where your friends work and what opportunities are available within their companies

To learn more, or to sign up, click here and fill your professional profile and job interests.

5 Ways to Use Google Alerts for Your Job Search

June 6, 2011

From jobhunt.org

Google Alerts will send you e-mail when new entries (or even a single entry) are added to the top search results for the specific search term you ask Google to monitor. Currently, Google provides 6 different Alert capabilities (see Setting Up Google Alerts) and you’ll probably find a need for all of them at some point.

To learn more about the different ways you can use Google to aid in your job search or career planning, please click here.

10 Ways to Use Twitter to Get Recruiters’ Attention

May 16, 2011

By Shannon Lowder
Salary.com contributing writer

Because more than a hundred applicants often respond to each online job posting, recruiters are rethinking their traditional practice of posting positions on career websites. Rather than posting the jobs and dealing with an onslaught of random resumes, they’ve started proactively seeking skilled workers. And Twitter is fast becoming the top tool recruiters use to scout this top talent.

This article shows you how to master key features of Twitter to attract recruiters’ attention.

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