Practice Interviewing on Inteview Stream

September 4, 2013  Tagged

Ever wonder how you would perform on a Skype or other webcam interview? Or, how you would do in person? Did you know that you can do practice interviewing from your dorm room and then watch and critique yourself? We all know practice improves performance. Your CofC Career Center has a tool and all you need is your computer and a webcam. Just go to our website,, and scroll down to Quick Links to find Interview Stream: Online Practice Interviews. After registering, you can take any of the practice interviews.

Prepare first: Go to the Students link (on left if Career Center site) and then select Interviewing and improve your interview skills. After completing one or more practice interviews, you can still set up an apppointment to come to the Career Center for a mock interview. But you might be so good after Interview Stream you don’t to!

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