6 Ways New Grads Can Stand Out in an Interview

June 25, 2012

By Sonia Acosta, CareerBuilder Writer
From CareerRookie.com

As a recent college graduate, you’re probably not a stranger to competition.  College acceptance, scholarships, internships and leadership positions within student organizations can all be significantly challenging to attain with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of students vying for the same spots.  The job market, however, is a different kind of race, and probably one of the most competitive environments a recent graduate has ever faced.

While you might not have years of experience, tightly specialized skills or industry expertise right out of college, you still have a great deal to offer.  There are many effective ways to impress an employer, stand out from the crowd and make the cut.

Here are six ways to set yourself apart, make an impression and secure the offer letter despite a highly competitive job market.

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