You have 6 Months Until Graduation, Now what?

January 7, 2008

Among the college population there are several thousand of you entering into your final semester at the College of Charleston, but do you have any idea what you are going to be doing after May? If not, the Career Center can help you with determining your post graduation plans. Below I have listed several options available for the new or about to be new graduate.

1. Full-Time Employment

This is the most common option new graduates seek after graduation (also the option most parents like). The Career Center offers several resources to help you find full-time employment. First, check out CISTERNonline our job search database. Second, FutureQuest which is the Spring Career Fair (Feb 20) with nearly a hundred companies on-campus to recruit students. And last one of our best resources is the staff of the Career Center. We can sit down with you and help you with the job search process.

2. A Gap Year Experience

If you want to wait a while before entering into the ‘real’ world, but want to have a meaningful experience then a gap year may be what you need. Travel the world, teach in a foreign country, work for a non-profit or other meaningful experiences. Check out our gap year page for more ideas and information, click here.

3. Graduate/Medical/Law School

This is another option many students choose after graduation. I will note that many application deadlines for graduate schools have passed by this point. If you are interested in graduate school, Click Here for more information about finding programs, admission tests, and more.


Can you think of other options for the post-graduation experience? Share them!

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