An Interview: Arts Management Alumnus Miriam Dolin

September 12, 2007

I can tell you day in and day out all about the Arts Management major and the possible career directions, but it is always better to get information from the source. In this case that source is from an alumnus who went through the same program you are going or thinking of going through. Below are five questions I posed to Ms. Miriam Dolin, a College of Charleston Arts Management graduate, and her very insightful answers.




1. Why did you choose Arts Management as a major when you attended College of Charleston?

I initially chose the major because I wanted to go into the “business side” of the theatre… I didn’t want to major in Theatre and Arts Management had an interesting blend of classes in the Arts and business classes. I just took the Intro course and realized there were so many facets to the field of Arts Management that surely there was a place for me somewhere.

2. How do you think it benefited you then and now?


It benefited me in college because I was able to take so many different classes that interested me. Now, in my field, when I went on job interviews, people were very interested in what skillset came out of that major. It only sets you apart in a positive way from others who were a generic business or communications major.

3. Tell me a little bit about your current position?

Currently, I am the Associate Development Director for a 501c3 organization, Medical Development for Israel, Inc. We raise funds for the Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel. It is the only Tertiary care hospital serving children from all backgrounds in the Middle East. This organization is based out of New York City.

I NEVER thought I wanted to go into Development (Fundraising)… actually I went to grad school in Arts Administration after COFC and it was there that I decided to go into fundraising and to not do it for the arts.

4. If you could give any advice to current students in this major or thinking about this major what would it be?

If you think you would like to work for a non profit of any kind, not necessarily in the arts, this is still the major for you. I say this because this program at COFC teaches you so much about the non-profit sector in general. You still take business classes, but you learn so much about the non-profit world, which is becoming more and more appealing for people to go into after they get burnt out in the corporate sector.

5. Any other comments or advice?

The Arts Management program was the best decision I made for myself. The professors were wonderful and I still remember certain lectures from my classes. You get a lot of personal attention, which I feel is hard to find in other majors. Also, the people I graduated with are still great resources for me as I move along in my career in New York City.


Next week come back for different resources you can use to find more information about the Arts Management Major and careers in the field.


If you have any other additional questions for Ms. Dolin please go to the Career Mentor Network located in CISTERNonline. 









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