Resumes that Make an Impression

July 23, 2007

When writing a resume you want to stand out, not blend in with a crowd. Most positions you apply for are going to get numerous applications and you need to ensure the employer looks at yours. Plus, you need to impress the employer or they will not give you an interview.

Make sure your resume not only reflects you, but also reflects the position you are applying for. You should not have a generic resume that you send out to every organization you are applying to (resumes for career fairs are the exception). Each position you are applying for is different so each resume you send should be different. When applying for a position look at the skills, qualifications, and duties of that position, if you have any of that in your experience make sure that is highlighted in your resume and cover letter.

The majority of people do not consider changing around their resume when submitting it to different positions. So be different and make an impression!

Here are some more tips to make an impression on potential employers:

  1. Spell check—employers will be put off by resumes with even the slightest grammar or spelling error. And do NOT rely on spell-check!
  2. Use high quality paper in a soft neutral color tone.
  3. Do NOT use a template! You want to be unique not have your resume look like everyone else’s.
  4. Be concise. If the resume is too long then you will lose the employers attention. One page is always a safe bet.

For more guidance on writing a resume visit our Prepare My Resume, Cover letter, & Job Search Strategy page. You can also visit our office in the Lightsey Building during Drop-In hours: 1 pm to 4 pm on weekdays.

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