National Disc Golf Day

Oh boy!  I missed it again.  The first Saturday in August is designated by the Professional Disc Golf Association as National Disc Golf Day .  Looks like you missed it too.

Well the good news is it is not too late to get a round in this week, and best of all it is one of those sports that can be played with little modification during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Not familiar with the sport.  This really is a great time to introduce a new sporting interest to your repertoire and it is one that qualifies as a lifetime sport.  The health benefits of playing a round or two are incredible.  Start with being outdoors, usually in a scenic setting while walking some distance, enjoying the social aspect since most like to play with a partner, improving one’s hand-eye coordination, and yes re-energizing your emotional state through the fun and relaxation the sport provides.

Go PDGA for an introduction to the sport and to find the nearest courses, latest rules, and anything else disc golf related.  Charleston has several courses and one may be near you.  Most cost nothing to play, and that as we say, “can’t be beat!”

Remember disc golf shouldn’t be relegated to just this one day a year.

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