Oh Where, Oh Where Have Our Sport Clubs Gone?

That memorable line from kindergarten is a great lead-in to our sport clubs program and the full range of travel these enthusiastic students undertake to pursue their favorite sports.

The map gives a birds-eye view of where our clubs traveled this past year.  A better view can be had in the full screen mode using the icon on the right corner of the title bar.  This will also provide the key for the color coding used.  On the left panel of the full screen view just below the red check mark is an arrow which will toggle the view so that you can look at the individual trips taken by each club.

The round trip destinations total 36,000 miles but that doesn’t even consider that on all trips 3, 4, and 5 cars were needed to transport everyone.  A conservative estimate of the total mileage traveled by our clubs is 145,000 miles.

While this past year the trips tended to be more regional, in other years our clubs traveled as far as Philadelphia, Boston, and Arizona to compete.

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