Falling Into Place: A CRS Free Agent Experience

by: Nadia Klincewicz

Being an active participant at CofC’s Campus Recreation Services is more than just your daily workout.  CofC’s Tremayne Garvin is a great example of what Campus Rec can do for you.

Tremayne began his journey with us as a free agent sign-up for basketball.  If there are enough free agents interested, CRS will create a team out of all the people that signed up.  Unfortunately, Tremayne was the only one that signed up to be a Free Agent for the A League division that season.  A couple of days into the regular season, our Assistant Director, Freddie Lipata, noticed a team in the A League that would benefit from having an extra player on the bench.  Freddie approached team captains, Mitchell Campbell and Brian Legette, about possibly picking up Tremayne to join their team and they were open to the idea.  After an incredible game where Tremayne helped the team to victory, they offered him a permanent spot on the team. The team continued their season together to eventually win the A League Championship.

And the rest, you could say, was history. Garvin explains, “Without getting too deep, they became some of my best friends and we have so much chemistry together. I’ve met their families and they’ve met mine and we all are family now. We hang out consistently everyday or most days and I am very pleased that I met such a great group of guys. Four intramural championships, road trips to USC and a softball tournament later, I’ll do a lot to look out for these guys and I know they’ll do the same for me.”

But the success story does not stop there. Freddie was also able to connect Tremayne with Trent Dickerson while he was at the gym for pick up basketball.  Tremayne was struggling through some of his classes and Freddie knew Trent Dickerson excelled in some of the topics that Tremayne needed help with.  With the help of Trent and other CofC resources that he was directed to, Tremayne was able to fearlessly finish the semester. Tremayne credits these connections to passing his finance class and achieving academic success.

Our mission here at CofC Campus Rec is to provide a variety of activities that contribute to the overall health and well-being of the College community.  Our staff understands that well-being goes far beyond physical fitness.  We strive to make a student’s four years at The College the best years possible, be it academically, socially, physically, or emotionally. Tremayne was able to find his home here at CofC Campus Rec, and you can too. Tremayne reflects his time at CRS saying, “If you’re patient things fall into place.” Fall into place with CofC Campus Recreation Services.

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