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April 2, 2014

Friends, Alumni, and Rowers,

This past weekend was a tough one for CofC Crew. After riding a high coming off our big win at the Augusta Invitational, the challenges of the John Hunter Regatta proved to be too much (Gainesville, GA – Lake Lanier, 1996 Olympic Venue).

The day started off rainy, the wind would steadily grow, and conditions would worsen. The Varsity Men’s 4+ advanced through the heats to finals and took home the bronze at the end of the day, and the Women’s JV 4+B took the bronze medal in a Final Only event. While our other crews had solid rows, top place finishes and finals apperances were elusive.

The icing on the cake this past weekend was the loss of two of our top rowing shells. The high wind blew a tent from Virgina Tech high in air. That tent came crashing down on one of our 8+’s punching a softball size hole through the hull rendering it unrowable. To pour salt on the wound, our other race worthy 8+ was hit by a tree branch causing damage to the stern making it unrowable as well.

Luckily, Tim Searles from the Rowing Repair Center in Oak Ridge, TN was on site doing a few drop offs and we were able to load our boats on to his trailer. My hope is that this saves us valuable time as the Championship Season grows nearer with SIRA, Dad Vail, and the ACRA National Championships just around the corner.

As always, your support keeps us on the water. Tax deductible donations can be made through the College of Charleston Foundation.


Travis Landrith
College of Charleston Crew
843-513-5900 cell

“A coach is someone who always makes you do what you don’t want to do so you can be who you’ve always wanted to be.”

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