Colin Cotter claims Intramural Champion shirt for Badminton Tournament!

The first sport event on our calendar, Badminton Tournament, was held tonight, Jan. 14, 2014 at the Johnson Gym. Nine participants came out to test their skills against their fellow students in hopes of being crowned Champion and awarded an Intramural Champion shirt: Alex Baker, Colin Cotter, Kyle Brown, Logan Herbert, Oddom Vong, Robbie Eshelman, Ryan Simpson, Brett Snyder, and Stephen Carron.
The playoff seedings were determined after one round robin of games to 11 points. After a couple of ties were broken, the seeding went as follows:
1. C. Cotter
2. O. Vong
3. R. Simpson
4. B. Snyder
5. R. Eshelman
6. A. Baker
7. L. Herbert
8. K. Brown
9. S. Carron

The playoff games were played to 21 and was single elimination. Winner of the round moves on. Below is a summary of how the tournament played out.
Play-in Game: #8 VS #9
S. Carron def. K. Brown
First Round:
#1 C. Cotter def. #9 S. Carron
#5 R. Eshelman def. #4 B. Snyder
#3 R. Simpson def. #6 A. Baker
#2 O. Vong def. #7 L. Herbert
Second Round:
#1 C. Cotter def. #5 Eshelman
#2 O. Vong def. #3 Simpson
Championship Game
#1 C. Cotter def. #2 O. Vong

Congratulations to Colin Cotter for winning the tournament. His Intramural Champion shirt is the first one awarded this semester.


Thanks to all students who came out to play.  There would not have been a tournament without your participation!


From left to right: Stephen Carron, Colin Cotter, Robbie Eshelman, Brett Snyder, Ryan Simpson, Kyle Brown, Oddom Vong, Logan Herbert, Alex Baker.

Note:  These guys had such a great time playing against each other that they have requested that we add another tournament which is definitely being considered right now.  As long as there are people interested in a sport, Campus Recreation Services will try our best to offer as many opportunities to play it.


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