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Nursing Mothers’ Lounge

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As a family-friendly work and student environment, the College began work to create spaces around campus for nursing mothers and their infants. Work to create formal lactation spaces began in the summer of 2014. A temporary space in Robert Scott Small (RSS) was developed and made available for use that same summer. Creation and outfitting of the permanent lactation room in RSS, Room 136, has just been completed.


The lounge in RSS includes the following features:

  • Compact refrigerator for storage of mothers’ milk
  • Shelving and drawer storage for supplies
  • Each of the two private stations has electrical access for pumping devices, plus USB charging ports for electronic devices.
  • Comfortable lounge seating is covered in soft, breathable vinyl for easy cleaning. Lumbar pillows and ottomans were added for extra comfort.
  • Coat/bag hooks are located within reaching distance of lounge chair, as well as lamp switches for softer lighting.
  • Laptop and supply tables are lightweight, portable and within easy reach of each lounge chair.
  • Residential artwork and privacy curtains create a more soothing, intimate space.

In addition to the lactation room in RSS 136, there are lactation rooms in the following locations: (1) Addlestone Library, Room 204; (2) Stern Center, the room located next to Room 205; (3) North Campus, Rooms T13 (first floor) and T23 (second floor). The rooms are available for use by all members of the campus community. Access to the room can be obtained by contacting the Office of Human Resources at 953-5512.


The creation of lactation rooms on campus was a collaborative effort between members of the Divisions of Student, Business, and Academic Affairs. A working committee comprised of Hollis France, Associate Professor of Political Science, Deborah Mihal, Director for the Center of Disability Services, Beverly Diamond, Professor of Mathematics, and Mina McCann, Classification and Compensation Manager for the Office of Human Resources, worked together to help move this project forward.

There were also contributions from Ed Pope, Vice President for the Office of Human Resources; Katie Walker, Deputy General Counsel; Michael Turner, Interior Planner + CAD Manager; and Kimberly Gertner, Director for the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs.

There is a Lactation Policy which is located on the College of Charleston webpage that provides important information for employees about the lactation rooms as well as using the rooms. The policy may be found at http://policy.cofc.edu/documents/9.3.8.pdf.

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