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Department Spotlight: Grounds

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What is your department?


What is the function of your department?

We provide maintenance to all of the grounds at the downtown campus, including parking lots, and Residence life facilities, as well as the grounds at Grice lab at Fort Johnson. We decorate the stages for the commencement ceremonies in May and December. In addition, we make the gate arrangements and hang the wreaths and roping on campus for the holidays, as well as decorate Silcox gym for the faculty/staff holiday party.

How many employees are there in your department?

We have 15 full time employees (10 permanent and 5 temporary) and 2 students who work part-time.

What are the total years of service in your department?

We have over 110 years of service on our crew.

What are some statistics that you’re able to share?

We have put out 2900 bales of pinestraw this past year.

We planted 188 flats (with 15 to 18 cells/flat) of flowers this spring.

We also hatched 10 praying mantis egg sacks and released approximately 2000 praying mantis throughout campus in May.

Are there any services that your department offers that the College community might be unaware of?

We offer two types of mosquito repellent services for events; we have an inexpensive granular treatment that does not have a long residual and then we have a ‘pleasant’ smelling granular that is quite expensive, but lasts about a month. We have not used any aerosol or fogging since 2006.

Are there any additional facts you would like to share?

We try to take a field trip every summer and have visited the botanical gardens at the Riverbanks Zoo, Edisto Gardens, Cypress Gardens, and Pearl Fryar’s Topiary Gardens in Bishopville, SC.

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