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Dixie Plantation: UPDATE

Posted by: Jennifer Stevens | April 16, 2014 | No Comment |

Dixie Plantation, 862 acres of hardwood forests and salt marshes nestled along the Stono River and Altantic Intracoastal Waterway, was bequeathed to the College of Charleston Foundation by the late naturalist John Henry Dick.

The property is currently used for water research, specimen collection, and environmental studies.

Since 2010, many improvements to Dixie Plantation have been completed.



The former barn on site was demolished and a new, modern building took its place. The exterior of the building mimics the former barn and the interior features an open floor plan. The barn will be used as a gathering venue for those interested in learning about and continuing the conservation work of John Henry Dick. The space will also accommodate student groups until the labs are available.


A studio, which houses a museum for John Henry Dick, was constructed and features historical artifacts from his personal collection. In addition, a 4.3-mile interpretive trail was created. Other features include ponds around the property and an heirloom garden.



Facilities for sustainable teaching and research for the sciences and liberal arts are currently a work in progress. Two separate labs and a water system are in the construction phase. The water system will include domestic water supply, ensuring drinkable water is available for the community.

Throughout the renovation process, Roland Craft has served as the Dixie Plantation caretaker.

For more information about the history of Dixie Plantation, visit dixieplantation.cofc.edu.

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