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Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training

Posted by: Jennifer Stevens | March 5, 2014 | No Comment |

On February 24 and 25, the College launched a campus-wide training on harassment and discrimination prevention for faculty, staff, and graduate students employed by the College. Eight live sessions were held, four for staff members and four for faculty members. Over 1,600 faculty and staff members attended these sessions.

The training program provides information about legal obligations to ensure compliance with laws prohibiting sexual harassment/assault and other forms of discrimination and harassment. In addition, the training informs employees of their rights and the resources that are available if discrimination or harassment is experienced.

For many years, a growing number of colleges and universities around the country have required some or all of their employees to receive some form of sexual harassment prevention training. Beginning this semester, the College will adopt the national best practice to protect the members of our community. Current College policies can be found at www.policy.cofc.edu.

Margolis Healy and Associates, a national campus safety and security compliance company, delivered a customized program for the College. The training program focuses on the policies and procedures of the College. The goal is to ensure all members of the campus community know how to meet mandated requirements and are able to assist in preventing and responding to reports of discrimination or harassment.

For current employees unable to attend one of the live sessions, online discrimination prevention training must be completed by May 19, 2014. The online program will be available beginning Monday, March 24.  The full, online program must be viewed from start to finish in order to fulfill the training requirement, and employees who complete the online program must verify in writing that they viewed the program and understand the material as presented. Separate online training programs will be available for faculty and for staff/administration. Information about completing the online program will be emailed to all faculty, staff, and administrators by March 24.

After May 2014, all new employees will be required to complete the training program within the first 60 days at the College.

Please contact the Office of Human Relations and Minority Affairs at 953.5758 with questions about the training.

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