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When the MyCougarCampus initiative kicked off in 2011, the College began implementation of FAMIS, owned by Accruent, Inc. FAMIS was an enterprise facility management software program that was identified during the early stages of the BATTERY Project. The  program would allow the College to integrate its planning, financial and reporting activities for capital projects, maintenance and operations, real estate, inventory control, and space management. The College bought FAMIS in December 2009 but delayed implementation until 2011.

As most of you are aware, the College decided to suspend implementation in February 2012 and cancelled the contract in March 2012. Between then and now, the College has been able to identify current and emerging issues related to higher education facilities and space management; needs that would not have been solved with FAMIS. In August, an RFP was issued to find a new vendor and program for the project. The College is now in the process of evaluating vendors and hopes to make an award by the Holiday break.

The project is estimated to launch at the beginning of 2014. At that time, planning activities will begin. The project should be completely live within 18 months of launching.

MyCougarCampus is one of the larger implementations of the BATTERY Project. It is also the final full product implementation. Ultimately, MyCougarCampus will affect every member of the campus community. Updates about MyCougarCampus will be communicated in the upcoming months.

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