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Industrial Hygienist/Safety Manager

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Raluca Semeniuc, Environmental Health and Safety

Randy Beaver has served as the Director for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) for the past six years. During his time at the College, Beaver has worked by himself, with assistance from various offices and departments around campus. At the end of 2012, the College hired Raluca Semeniuc, an Industrial Hygienist and Safety Manager, and the newest member of the EHS team. Semeniuc spent several years working as a contractor for the federal government at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Center for Coastal Environment Health and Biomelcular Research. While in that position, she found out about this job opportunity at the College and decided it was time to take up a new challenge.

As the Industrial Hygienist/Safety Manager, Semeniuc anticipates and identifies significant workplace health hazards, evaluates the risk of injury or illness and recommends corrective actions, and develops policies consistent with State and Federal occupational health and safety regulations. She also advises management regarding solutions to health and safety problems in the work environment and assists in implementation of those solutions. The new position provides EHS with greater flexibility in offering services to faculty, staff, and students. Semeniuc works closely with Beaver in the planning, development, and implementation of an Industrial Hygiene and Health and Safety Program that minimizes the risk of employee exposure to various health hazards present in the work environment. In the position, she looks forward to helping all members of the campus community use their common sense in anticipating health and safety problems in their work and learning environments.

So far, Semeniuc has enjoyed learning the history around campus and being a part of the College community.

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