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Central Warehouse

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While you’ve probably interacted with Central Warehouse in some way, you may not fully understand the role it plays.

Central Warehouse serves the College in several ways, including:

  • Temporary and long-term storage
  • Removal, disposal, and reuse of surplus items
  • Storage of storm supplies
  • Stocking and resale of frequently used supplies for the College
  • Receiving and delivery of items shipped to campus
  • Plant property control (tracking and accountability of College property valued at $1,500 and above)
  • Dead record storage
  • Fleet management

Located at 4570 Goer Drive in North Charleston, the 44,318 square foot facility houses three offices, a workup room, and a break room. The climate controlled side of the building contains the for sale inventory, which consists of copy paper, custodial supplies, and maintenance supplies. The non-climate controlled side houses storage, surplus, and storm supplies.

Some day-to-day tasks include receiving items in Banner Finance, making deliveries to campus, and the filling of sales orders.

While the workload remains steady year-round, Central Warehouse is typically tasked with picking up a larger amount of surplus supplies at the start of each academic year. During that time, it usually takes three to four weeks to get surplus picked up. Other challenges include delivering large items to the Rita Hollings Science Center, which has small door openings and no standard loading dock. The historic houses, like those on Glebe Street, also pose a challenge. Besides picking up and delivering supplies, Central Warehouse must manage the available storage space so they can accommodate the demands of the campus.

Roger Brown, Fleet & Supply Manager for Central Warehouse, attributes great teamwork to their success. Everyone steps in to help each other when needed, since there is such a small staff.

Sam Jenkins is the Inventory manager responsible for tracking the College’s property. He also provides a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. Charles Hoey (Charlie) is the lead supply specialist, responsible for the day-to-day operations of the warehouse. He oversees the receiving in Banner, the fulfillment of orders, and the receiving and delivery of items to campus. Homer Pace (Mac) is the lead man on the truck. His responsibilities include deliveries, filling orders, receiving in Banner and the tedious duty of collecting and delivering of surplus furniture around campus. Antone Rose the newest member of our team gives Mac the support needed to accomplish our daily task.”

For more information regarding Central Warehouse and supply services, visit the Procurement website at procurement.cofc.edu.

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