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Safety Rules Are Your Best Tools

Posted by: Jennifer Stevens | March 8, 2012 | No Comment |

A new policy equips College faculty, staff, and students with the tools necessary to ensure vehicle safety.

The Vehicle Use Policy went into effect in August 2011. The policy is just one of the many policies contained in the College’s Policy Handbook. According to Brian McGee, Chief of Staff, “These policies have been established to foster a productive, safe and efficient work and learning environment for employees and students.”

Before the adoption of the Vehicle Use Policy, no prior policy at the College existed. A review of loss experience drew attention from the State. In congruence with the Insurance Reserve Fund and State requirements, the Vehicle Use Policy was established and aims to increase awareness and qualify drivers on campus.

Since August, Randy Beaver, Director of Environment Health & Safety, has trained 250 faculty, staff, and students in accordance with the requirements of the policy. Six training sessions were announced campus-wide and two were set-up specifically for faculty and staff members to attend.

Training is structured in two separate sessions. One training session, for drivers who will not be operating College vans (10 or more passengers), provides general awareness and runs for 90 minutes. The other training session, for individuals planning to operate a van, runs for 90 minutes. A current initiative is underway to enable divisions such as Student Affairs and Athletics to train their faculty, staff, and students.

You may be denied your ability to rent, lease, or operate a vehicle in accordance with this policy if you have not participated in a class and you have not been approved. Past procedures included signature waivers prepared by Legal Affairs. Any waivers signed prior to August 2011 are now obsolete.

Current paperwork can be found in the Vehicle Use Policy.

If you’re planning on renting a vehicle or driving a College van for any upcoming science field trips, athletic events, or recreation services activities, make sure you’re a qualified driver. If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please contact Randy Beaver at beaverr@cofc.edu.

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