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Posted by: Jennifer Stevens | January 18, 2012 | No Comment |

A new signage and wayfinding system invades campus.

Beginning January 2012, the College enters the first phase of a multi-year project to incorporate a consistent, ADA compliant wayfinding system throughout campus interiors.

The new interior signage and wayfinding system sign takes existing interior sign standards (and all of their variations) and corrals them into one cohesive system that is ADA compliant, brand integrated, user/specifier friendly and sustainable. The revised package condenses standard interior signs to 3 types and 2 widths (down from 19 sizes and 9 widths of the previous sign system). The result will be a more consistent appearance, lower costs, streamlined part specification/ordering and decreased lead times from point of order. Since it is not financially prudent to replace all interior signs at this time, the idea is to “tweak” standards so recent installations still integrate with future projects.

The comprehensive system will cover elevator/stair directories, corridor directional signs, emergency evacuation plans, departmental identifiers/directories and officer/room identifiers.

All existing duplicate signage will be removed to eliminate redundancy. Plastic curved profile nametags will be re-used elsewhere on campus. Glass cased departmental directories will be removed and replaced. All other existing signage will be recycled. If you have any sign or nameplate that is your personal property, please remove it.

Physical Plant will be contacted to touch-up any paint or wood stain that requires repair as a result of sign removal. If you would like an old nameplate back to use inside your office, please contact Michael Turner with the Office of Procurement (turnerm@cofc.edu). Please do not use old nameplates outside or on your office doors after installation of the new sign system.

All names, titles, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for office identifiers will be printed as published in the College of Charleston 2011-2012 Campus Directory to ensure communication consistency to your colleagues, students and guests. If you see any information in the 2011/2012 manual that is incorrect, please let Michael Turner know.

While the installment of new signs has just begun, many building on campus have already undergone transitions. The following buildings have received completely new sign systems, including room identifiers, stairwells, elevator directories, directional signs and emergency evacuation plans:

  • Thaddeus Street Education Center
  • Silcox Center
  • Randolph Hall

A handful of buildings have received new room identification numbers:

  • 65 Coming Street
  • Towell Library Basement
  • Porter’s Lodge
  • Calhoun Annex (1st floor only)
  • Treasurer’s Office

The following buildings have received new directory or directional signs:

  • Bell Building
  • Lightsey Center
  • School of Education
  • Stern Center
  • Physical Plant
  • RSS Building

Also, new signs have been installed where none previously existed:

  • Johnson Center
  • Cougar Club
  • Cougar Card Services
  • City Bistro
  • RSS New 2nd Floor Classrooms
  • New Science Center
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