Honors Engaged First-Semester Reflection

Reflecting on Civic Engagement through Articulated Learning

Please compose a series of paragraphs addressing each of the following six questions regarding your Honors Engaged experience thus far.  You should address each question in a separate, numbered paragraph.  This will be due along with the rest of your portfolio documents in the “Class of 2025” OAKS “Honors Engaged First-Semester Reflection” dropbox by 12/2/21.

  1. What did I learn?
  2. How, specifically, did I learn it?
  3. Why does this learning matter? How is it significant?
  4. In what ways will I use this learning? What goals shall I set in accordance with what I have learned in order to improve myself, the quality of my learning, or the quality of my future service?
  5. What measurable impact do I imagine making on the Charleston community in the future as a result of this learning?
  6. What else do I hope to learn going forward?


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