William Bares at CofC

Computer Science Education

My research interests in computer science education explore ways to integrate contextualized hands-on activities in visual arts, animation, and film into computing and data science education.

Computing in the Arts – Since joining CofC in 2013, I have been fortunate to teach in this innovative degree program that enables to students to synthesize computer science education with one of several arts areas.  To read more about the Computing in the Arts Program click here.  This ACM SIGCSE 2014 paper discusses the design and formation of the CITA program.

Over the past several years I have been leading a six-year longitudinal study to measure the impact of the CITA curriculum on broadening participation in computing.  The results of this work has been published in ACM SIGCSE 2019.

Computing in the Movies – This ongoing experiment explores how contextualizing introductory data science with movies can increase interest and broaden participation in data science.  Click here to learn more about the pilot offered to high school students as part of CofC’s Honors College Summer Institute.

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