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The BABELchannel: where to find audiorecordings from BABEL-sponsored and -affiliated symposia, meetings, and conference sessions.


Speculative Medievalisms: A Laboratory-Atelier 1 & 2


LONDON (King’s College London; January 2011)

Kathleen Biddick (Temple University), “Toy Stories: Vita Nuda Then and Now?”

Anthony Paul Smith (University of Nottingham), “The Speculative Angel”

Eugene Thacker (The New School), “Divine Darkness”

Nick Srnicek (London School of Economics + Speculative Heresy), “Abstraction and Value: The Medieval Origins of Financial Quantification”

Scott Wilson (The London Graduate School, Kingston University +amusia + Journal for Cultural Research), “Neroplatonism”

NEW YORK (CUNY Grad. Center; March 2011):*

Jeffrey Cohen (George Washington University + In The Middle), “Sublunary”

Kellie Robertson (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Abusing Aristotle, from Phyllis to Graham Harman”

Julian Yates (University of Delaware), “Kitchen Shakespeare”

Graham Harman (American University in Cairo + Object-Oriented Philosophy), “Aristotle With a Twist”

*audiofiles for Allan Mitchell’s and Anna Kłosowska’s talks at this event are coming soon…


Animal, Vegetable, Mineral Conference (@GWU, March 2011; featured talks)

Julian Yates (University of Delaware), “Sheep Tracks”

Jane Bennett (Johns Hopkins University), “Powers of the Hoard: Notes on Material Agency”

Kellie Robertson (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Exemplary Rocks”

Valerie Allen (John Jay College of Criminal Justice), “Mineral Virtue”

Carla Nappi (University of British Columbia), “You Don’t Mess With The Yohan: Cotton, Objects, and Becoming Vegetal in Early Modern China”

Julia Reinhard Lupton (University of California, Irvine), “Of Chairs, Stools and Trestle Tables: Scenes from the Renaissance Res Publica of Things”

Peggy McCracken (University of Michigan), “Flower Girls”

Karl Steel (Brooklyn College), “With the World, or Bound to Face the Sky: The Postures of the Wolf Child of Hesse”

 Sharon Kinoshita (University of California, Santa Cruz), “Animals and the Medieval Culture of Empire”

Eileen Joy (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), “You Are Here: A Manifesto”

Objects, Networks, and Materiality (GW-MEMSI KZoo 2011 Roundtable)

Presider:  Jeffrey Jerome Cohen (George Washington University)

Laurie A. Finke (Kenyon College), “A Parliament of Things?”

Julie Orlemanski (Harvard University), “Things without Faces”

Valerie Allen (John Jay College of Criminal Justice), “Medieval Nets”

Elizabeth Blake (New York University), “Passionate Matter”

Kellie Robertson (University of Wisconsin, Madison), “Remediating Matter”

Lowell Duckert (George Washington University), “The Ice Age Is Never Over”

Ecologies (GW-MEMSI KZoo 2012 Roundtable)

Presider:  Jeffrey Jerome Cohen (George Washington University)

James Smith (University of Western Australia), “Fluid”

Alfred Siewers (Bucknell University), “Trees”

Alan Montroso (Independent Scholar), “Human”

Eileen A. Joy (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), “Post/apocalyptic

Anne F. Harris (DePauw University), “Hewn”

Lowell Duckert (George Washington University), Recreation”

Carolyn Dinshaw (New York University), “Green”

Valerie Allen (John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY), “Matter”

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