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July 3, 2011


Speculative Medievalisms II: A Laboratory-Atelier

Segal Theater
The Graduate Center, CUNY
16 September 2011

Co-sponsored by: BABEL Working Group, Petropunk Collective, and the Doctoral Program in English and Medieval Studies Certificate Program, The Graduate Center, CUNY

experiments                           [conference schedule now available]

Anna Klosowska [Miami University of Ohio], “Aristotelean Aesthetics, East and West”

Allan Mitchell [University of Victoria], “Cosmic Eggs, or, Events Before Everything”

Kellie Robertson [University of Wisconsin-Madison], “Abusing Aristotle, from Phyllis to Graham Harman”

Drew Daniel [Johns Hopkins University + Matmos], Response to Kellie Robertson

Julian Yates [University of Delaware], “Kitchen Shakespeare”

Liza Blake [New York University], Response to Julian Yates

Jeffrey Cohen [George Washington University + In The Middle], “Sublunary”

Ben Woodard [Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism, University of Western Ontario + Naught Thought], Response to Jeffrey Cohen

Graham Harman [American University in Cairo + Object-Oriented Philosophy], “Aristotle With a Twist”

Patricia Clough [Queens College, CUNY], Response to Graham Harman

for the precis of the project, plus the program and audiofiles for Speculative Medievalisms I [held at King’s College London in Jan. 2011], go HERE

And here are details on the week-plus of “Speculative September NYC” (Speculative Realist- and Object Oriented Ontology-related) events starting on September 8.




Read more from BABELworks, been

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