Alumni Updates: Graduate Works to Bankroll Nashville’s Biggest Names

Q&A Spotlight With Dana Dickie ’10 

The College of Charleston’s Arts Management program draws students from a wide range of backgrounds, even those whose aspirations aren’t necessarily focused on the nonprofit sector. This “crossover appeal” is what attracted alum Dana Dickie ’10 to the program in the first place.

“When I started at College of Charleston in the Fall of 2006, I was originally planning on majoring in Economics and minoring in Arts Management,” Dickie says. “At the encouragement of my Honor’s College mentor, I decided to double major in both. I’m so thankful I did!”

The Arts Management program, she says, offered her the opportunity to “combine business and creativity.” It’s a combination that has certainly worked out well for her career, in her role as a Royalty Coordinator for a music label in Nashville.

Student Happenings: Arts Management Intern Goes to Washington

Q&A Spotlight With Senior Leslie Brewer

When it came time for Leslie Brewer to explore internships for her senior year, she decided to think outside the box. For her, outside the box meant looking outside of Charleston, to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C., where she is currently spending her spring semester in the Center’s Development Department.

Read more about her internship experience below, and then check out all the other internships available to arts management students.

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