Summer 2013 Classes!

The Arts Management program is offering 4 classes this summer.   The list of classes offered is below, followed by a description of each class.

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Introduction to Arts Management

History of the Record Label

Music in the Marketplace

Media in the Arts at Spoleto



ARTM 200: Introduction to Arts Management (3)

Summer I Evening, TR 5:30 pm-8:45 pm

Instructor: Tatjana Beylotte

Prerequisites:: None

Course Description:

This course covers the basic principles, concepts, processes, and practices relating to organizations in the arts industry including structure of the arts industry and specifically nonprofits, organization structures, planning, leadership, staffing, financial management, economic impact, fundraising, advocacy, and marketing development.



ARTM 360: History of the Record Label (3)

Summer I, MTWRF 9:45-11:30

Instructor:  Heather McDonald

Prerequisites: None

Course Description:

This class will cover the history of record labels, from the original Big Three of Columbia, Victor, and Edison to today’s ever-changing record label marketplace. As we study the evolution of labels, we will also study the evolution from music. We’ll cover the rise of radio, the 1950s birth of rock ’n’ roll and teen culture, record labels’ places in the Civil Rights Movement of 1960s, the rise (and potential fall) of the album, how indie labels changed how music is made and distributed, and much more. We’ll also spend the class asking ourselves about the role record labels play in today’s music business – are labels bound for extinction, or are there signs that they’re adapting to a changed industry?

During the course, we will perform cases studies of significant record labels throughout the years to see how they changed the music industry. Some of the labels we will cover are Atlantic, Sun, Motown, Sire, Sugarhill, Sub Pop, Bad Boy, Capital, and Matador. We will also look at the changes in ways labels have made their money over the years and how deals have changed, up to and including 360 deals. Our goal will be to learn from their mistakes and their successes to understand what it takes to make in the music business today.



ARTM 330 Music in the Marketplace (3)

Maymester Evening, TR 5:30-7:45

Instructor:  Heather McDonald

Prerequisites: ARTM 210 or permission of the instructor

Course description:

This course will introduce students to the CD release process of recording, manufacturing, distribution, and promotion. Emphasis will be on the legal and financial challenges faced by small labels, how labels and musicians work together in the new music marketplace, the development of skills to help manage artists, and the use of social media marketing.



ARTM 360 ST: Arts and the media at Spoleto

Maymester Day, MTWRF 8:30 am – 2:30 pm

Professor: Jeanette Guinn

Prerequisites: At least one of the following:
THTR 176 Intro to Theatre,
Or MUSC 131 Music Appreciation,
Or ARTH 101 OR 102 OR 103 Art History,
Or ARTM 325 Understanding Creativity

Course Description:

Students will develop proficiency in practice working on the preproduction for the daily hour-long radio coverage of Spoleto Festival USA and Piccolo Spoleto, as well as learn media production skills.  Artist research, scheduling, question development, interviewing, app development, broadcast programming, social media, promotion, marketing, script writing, voice over, media relations, and remote and studio video and audio recording and editing will be included. In cooperation with ETV Radio, the SC NPR affiliate.


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