Last interview in the can in Simons 101

Simons room 101 was converted into a radio studio by Arts Management students over the summer, and the Spoleto Today team just finished our last interview of the year with Zoe Scofield of zoe|juniper’s A Crack in Everything! Zoe was wonderfully articulate- look out for her insights about the world of dance in tomorrow’s Spoleto Today show.

All of the interviews we've completed and aired

We’ve been keeping track of all the interviews we’ve done and had to do with a system of notecards attached to magnets on a whiteboard. Finished interviews that have already aired go into a pile on the left side of the board.

Finished interviews that need to be put together into shows go in the middle of the board; the magnets allow us to move them around to work out the best order for all of the content we have available to share each day. Interviews are in green; musical interludes are in purple. See anything interesting?

The interviews we recorded that still need to be assembled into shows


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