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Michael Mitchell Decade Show


On September 20th, I went to the Michael Mitchell gallery on King street for an art opening. This show was titled “Decade” and featured two abstract artists who did landscapes and cityscapes. Landscape veteran Kevin Harrison has practiced for decades on crazy street scenes and chose Charleston as a creative hub in 1997. Photographer John Duckworth used his “camera to paint” absolutely stunning landscape photos. I was stunned at his photographic skills, as he perfectly described the painted asthetic to his photos. They were beautiful on the white walls of the gallery and support Harrison’s much more abstract downtown paintings.

The Gallery did a wonderful job setting up for the night and theming the art opening with costumes and decorations. By creating an open door event that attracted viewers from King street, it allowed Michael Mitchel gallery to attract a varied audience. I highly recommend all of you attend one of their shows. It includes free alcohol and the employees are more than helpful when it comes to asking questions about the style or characteristics of the features artists. Attending that event changed my perspective on art galleries and since then I have become very close with on of the employees. Even if you can’t afford any of the art, the events teach viewers about the art and immerse you in Charleston culture.