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Halloween Ballet with a Bite

do1017 2-3 Dracula

Last night, October 29th, I decided go to the Columbia Ballet proformance of ‘Dracula with a Bite’, it was a one night performance at the Sottile Theatre on George Street. With the exception of seeing the Nut Cracker when I was very young, this was my first time attending a ballet.

The theatre seemed to be about three quarters full. I was very surprised to observe that there were only a small number of students from the college attending the performance. Most of the audience was made up of older couples and young professionals, this was probably due to the high cost of tickets.  The performance was a spectacular set of traditional and contemporary dances; both of which seemed to complement each other very nicely.  Although I feel that the show was not fully worth the cost of the ticket, I certainly can say that I enjoyed my evening. This loose interpretation of Bram Stokers famous novel was an exciting  introduction into the world of Ballet, and a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit.