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Punk/Rock Music at The Royal American

Last Friday (Nov. 8, 2013) I went to The Royal American to see some awesome bands: Hectorina, Magic Camp and Rigours (The Royal American Event). Magic Camp, an underground rock band from here in Charleston, started out the show. Hectorina, an avant-garde rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina played second.  Lastly, Rigours, from Charleston as well, closed out the night with their folky punk music.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good each of these bands were (Not that I was expecting them to be bad).  However, it was my first local show in Charleston and it was neat to see the talent this city, and the surrounding areas, has to offer.  Also, the audience was very fun and supportive towards each of the bands’ sets.

The Royal American is known for having underground, local music (part of their niche and differentiation strategy).  This draws in a younger, hipster demographic in which The Royal American appeals to in the first place.  So, I’d definitely recommend seeing these bands and other local bands at The Royal American if you like to support cool, underground musicians.



The Second City

On Saturday night, my parents and I went to see The Second City at the Sottile theatre as part of family weekend here at the college. The Second City is an ensemble of improv comedians who tour the country.  Many of their alumni have gone onto stardom-Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Will Ferrel, etc.  The show consisted of many short comedy skits, including audience participation and music.  This particular show was performed by six actors (three guys, three girls).  The production was very well thought out; the transitions between the sketches, the audience participation, and the acting, overall, was very impressive.

This show is a highly demanded production and it was cool to see in Charleston.  It was obvious that everyone had played their part in putting on this show.  Though the microphones occasionally messed up, the rest of the production was flawless.  It was definitely a good idea, on the part of the theatre, to allow the college to include tickets as the cost of family weekend.  This way, there was a guarantee of a large audience to meet the cost of this show.  I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who wants to laugh a ton.  It was neat to watch actors who are definitely on their way to big things in the acting world.

Peter Max in Charleston

While I was walking down King Street, I passed The Art Mecca of Charleston which was displaying art by Peter Max (The Art Mecca).  I found this completely exciting because I did a rendition of one of Peter Max’s pieces in my very first art class in high school.  Though many of the paintings were remakes of his most famous works, it was still amazing to see painting Peter Max did himself.  When you enter, the first wall displays many of the paintings Peter Max used in his campaign to renovate the Statue of liberty.  Another interesting piece was hung on the back wall.  This painting was a remake of his famous piece given to Reagan during his administration.  Peter Max revered Reagan and credited him with a time of peace in America.

This exhibit is an excellent example of a gallery bringing in an artist who is highly respected and known in the art community.  By looking at the Charleston’s external environments and its demands, The Art Mecca brought to this town a very well-known artist and his timeless works of art.  I would highly recommend this showing to anyone who enjoys colorful art about peace, love and nonviolence.  Peter Max will actually be in the gallery on September 21st from 6-9pm and September 22nd from 1-4 pm  to meet!  (However, RSVP is required.)