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When Ya Ready Come & Get It

For my third and final event, I chose to attend a concert by Selena Gomez, known as the Stars Dance Tour. The concert was at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC on October 27, 2013. The concert was well received, well attended, and overall an excellent production. Selena’s tour promoter, Live Nation, marketed the event well, using email, social media, and musical promotion through various televised promotion. The show was about 95% sold out, with a few empty rows and seats throughout the arena. The event took advantage of the “4 Ps of Marketing” including place, price, promotion, and product. It was a great show and it was definitely worth the money!

Heaven On Sunday

I had the opportunity to attend As It Is In Heaven at the Emmett Robinson Theatre at the College Of Charleston on Sunday, October 6, 2013. The play was written by Arlene Hutton and directed by Beth Lincks, who is a professor at the College. Overall, I thought it was a good play. It was very simple, with only a few characters, simple set design, and only one set of costumes. The main source of income came from the ticket sales, which ran at $15 per ticket, while tickets for students, faculty, staff, and seniors over the age of 60 were only $10. The play was slightly confusing for me, since I had no idea what the play was about. It was easy to follow once the story started.

Everything ran smoothly from a management perspective. The show started right on time, and people found their seats with or without the help of an usher. One thing I found that maybe could have been worked on is the fact that there was no intermission. At 95 minutes, it’s a short production, but we were informed of no intermission approximately thirty seconds before the play started. I felt they should have announced that ahead of time so theatre goers like myself could have planned accordingly. Besides this extremely small detail, I would definitely recommend people to see the show, though unfortunately it had a short run, therefore there are no more opportunities to see it.


I had the pleasure to attend Vaudeville Revival presented by Carnivalesque at the Threshold Repertory Theatre in downtown Charleston, SC. Carnivalesque is a local carnival troupe consisting of acts such as a strong man, pain-proof man, burlesque and belly dancers, an acrobatic duo, and a very talented illusionist.

The act was surprisingly impressive. I was a bit worried a first because it was a spur of the moment idea to attend, I had never heard of the venue before, and the event was not heavily advertised. Sure enough, as the event took place, I was amazed at some of the tricks the troupe had pulled off. Also, the theatre staff were very friendly, helpful, and somewhat knowledgeable. The one thing the staff did have a problem with, was properly stating their mission statement. I had to do some research and found a lengthy list of bullet points labeled as the “mission statement”.

One thing I can point from our classroom lectures is the fact that this non-profit theatre takes advantage of the resources surrounding it. Its location is superb (84 Society Street), they use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to promote their events, and they have very affordable prices. As of now, the theatre seems to be doing a pretty good job keeping everything up and running.

I would definitely recommend the Carnivalesque act to anybody. It was very entertaining, and offered just the right amount of entertainment, and you cannot beat the price ($15)! I also would recommend for everyone to attend at least one event at Threshold Repertory Theatre.