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Halloween Ballet with a Bite

do1017 2-3 Dracula

Last night, October 29th, I decided go to the Columbia Ballet proformance of ‘Dracula with a Bite’, it was a one night performance at the Sottile Theatre on George Street. With the exception of seeing the Nut Cracker when I was very young, this was my first time attending a ballet.

The theatre seemed to be about three quarters full. I was very surprised to observe that there were only a small number of students from the college attending the performance. Most of the audience was made up of older couples and young professionals, this was probably due to the high cost of tickets.  The performance was a spectacular set of traditional and contemporary dances; both of which seemed to complement each other very nicely.  Although I feel that the show was not fully worth the cost of the ticket, I certainly can say that I enjoyed my evening. This loose interpretation of Bram Stokers famous novel was an exciting  introduction into the world of Ballet, and a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit.

Wings of Charleston


On Friday Night, October 3rd I decided go to the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery on East bay Street to see the work of Robin Joseph, who is there featured Artist of the Month.  The Opening of her exhibit entitled ‘Wings of Charleston’, which featured a series of paintings of southern birds, coincided with the French Quarter Art walk. This was my first time on the Art walk and I have to say I really enjoyed it. The idea for the many small Art houses in the area to all provide small events at the same time, allowing the many art enthusiasts’ of Charleston to see there exhibitions and possibly buy there works seems to me a great idea. Not only for marketing but also for the fuelling of a growing art community in Charleston.

The event itself was extremely crowded and I have to say that this somewhat took away from the experience of seeing the peaces themselves. But I was extremely taken by Ms Joseph’s work, and by the work of the many other artists featured in the gallery.  The setting for the exhibit is a wonderful little gallery in the French quarter; from my experience there I can see that it could be a great place to visit on a quieter occasion. Over all I would certainly recommend both a visit to the Charleston Artist Guilds Gallery and to the French Quarter Art walk.

Theater at the College of Charleston

I just saw the CofC production of ‘Rosencrants and Guildenstern are dead’ at the Simons Center for the arts.  The play was put on in the Emmet Robinson Theatre from August 15th-18th and August 29th- September 3rd. It was the first Tom Stoppard play that I have seen. At the end of the production I walked away with mixed feelings. There were enjoyable moments of comedy, and also moments of profound introspection.  The mane characters (Rosencrats and Guildenstern) seemed to provide an example of two everyday people, trying to come to terms with the insignificant nature of their own lives.

In my opinion peace was far to long particularly in the moments of dialog between the mane characters, which seemed to drag on and on. The play for me seemed far to creative to have a strong entertainment value. Its surrealist plot and great length made it somewhat dry. Seeing as this was a school production, this lack of entertainment value was somewhat excusable but if it were to be preformed outside of a school setting I feel that it might not be well received.  Overall I would not recommend this performance to a purely entertainment seeking audience, but for viewers seeking an educational production I might recommend it.