It’s Not You, It’s Me


I hope you have never heard it… or had to say it, but we all know the cop out- “It’s Not You, It’s Me¬†“. This independent film by Nathan Ives takes a troubled relationship and reveals the internal struggles of both partners in the relationship. This film is currently on tour in the South East and will continue to travel across the U.S. as the ‘pay what you will’ screenings collect donations to support the tour. I heard about this screening through the Charleston City Paper. The film has a website with the trailer, information on cast, crew and a director’s note. This site also includes a list of upcoming locations for screenings. The director and writer, Nathan Ives, has created a Facebook and Twitter¬†account to promote the film and also used local news to advertise for the Charleston screenings.

I went to see the film on Monday night at Terrace Theater. Before the show started Nathan explained to the audience that he is trying to create a sustainable model for touring independent films, as most of them aren’t even seen by the general public. He was so enthusiastic in welcoming the audience as individuals entering the theater and collectively as a crowd. The audience was mostly composed of people over the age of 50. These were grown ups with a great sense of humor. No dirty joke went without a contagious laugh across the theater. The people in this crowd fit the ‘I read the Sunday paper’ type. I also know for a fact that this film was promoted in the Sunday Charleston City Paper. It goes to show that promotion will determine your crowd! For what Nathan is trying to do with this film and for the independent film industry, he has the right target audience in mind.

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