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My Monday night ritual was interrupted this week as I decided to break trend and attend the  “As it is in Heaven” at the Emmett Robinson Theatre. This show opened on October 3rd and the final performance is tonight, October 8th, at 7:30.

I honestly did not know what to expect from this show, as it was my first time to attend a play on campus. The plot was not particularly captivating to me, but the quality of the acting held my attention. It would have been nice to have some sort of introduction to the play since the lights went down as I took my seat (due to the mass disorganization outside the theatre). The vocals and characters produced by the cast were fluid and pleasing.  The musical aspects of the play were what I enjoyed the most.

This class has taught me to use a critical eye for all elements of art events I attend.  The show started nearly 20 minutes late as a result of the disorganized lines out side of the theatre and box office. I am very impatient and ended up having to wait in line twice. So, maybe this line riding outside of the theatre was only a problem for me. Either way, there is definitely room for improvement in the process of ticket exchange and theatre admissions.

Complaints about frustrating lines aside, this was an enjoyable event. If you have further interests in the College of Charleston Theatre and Dance Department, check them out on Facebook for information regarding upcoming events and performances. Students, faculty and staff get tickets for $10. You can buy them in advance online, but do not try to enter the theatre before you exchange your pre-purchased ticket at the box office (located directly outside the theatre) with your cougar ID.

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