Wildlife Management at Redux

On September 12, I checked out Redux Contemporary Art Center on St. Philip St. downtown. Before entering, it’s impossible not to immediately notice the huge mural of alien-like creatures; after seeing it, I absolutely had to walk inside. The work of Gwyneth Scally was on display, which included a few paintings as well as a lifelike display of jellyfish and a scene with a wolf sculpture and hanging trees. While I expected to see more quantity of work, I was amazed at the quality. Scally used a wide variety of mediums in her work, such as distorted plastic and cloth for the jellyfish. The wide array of mediums and settings made each work more interesting than the next, each transporting you to a new environment.

As I continued to peruse, I noticed that there are several studios for people to come and take classes or for artists to continue their work. This is certainly a strong point in attracting people. Redux also effectively uses Facebook and Twitter to keep their followers updated on any events or new exhibitions, giving them a technological advantage. I would definitely recommend this exhibition to anyone with interest in art. It’s free! For zero dollars and zero cents, why would you not want the chance to step into Gwyneth Scally’s world?

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