Monday Night Concert Series

On Monday, September 16th 2013 the Department of Music at the College of Charleston presented the Monday Night Concert Series, held in the Recital Hall of the Simons center of the Arts. This evenings concert is part of the Remington Master Series, dedicated to the incredible career of Mrs. Emily Remington. 

The two performers were Lori Phillips (soprano), and her husband, Jay Baylon (bass-baritone). The couple was accompanied by Robin Zemp, a talented musician and teacher of the SOTA here at the College. Phillips began the concert with a few solo preformances exhibiting her incredible range and power. Phillips ability to convey emotion through her voice and body language had the audiences attention incredibly focused on every movement. Baylon had a solo preformance following Phillips, until collaborating in a moving emotional display for a duet. Most of her songs were about love, pleasure, and pain. When the baritone (her husband) was introduced into the composition, the entire direction of the piece began to change from less chromatic dynamic tones to a flowing synchronization between the two. The eye contact between the two preformers was really what stood out to me. I’ve never seen a more synchronized emotional display on stage.

I definitly reccoment the Monday Night Concert Series to any  interest in the vocal arts and the private organization of world talent on our school stages. I also reccomend that everyone check out the Remington Master Artists series, all hyperlinks are listed above. The reception after the concert was amazing, and the show was only one hour. Free food and short performances are definitly a plus for any art student trying to budget time.

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