Your group designation below corresponds to blogging and research-paper assignments and due dates (presentation, draft, final) listed on the course schedule.

Group 1–Wharton, House of Mirth:

  • Erin Stewart
  • Catherine Mueller
  • Mary Stamato

Group 2–Cather, My Antonia:

  • Lauren Silver
  • Brittany Fortuna
  • Hannah McDermett
  • Austin Jenkins

Group 3–Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby:

  • Madison Fox
  • Arianna Santos
  • Molly Frizelle

Group 4–Larson, Passing

  • Elizabeth Gerdes
  • Alaina Bryce Rink

Group 5–Dos Passos, The 42nd Parallel:

  • Harrison Elkins
  • Sienna Goering
  • Ian Horner

Group 6–Faulkner, As I Lay Dying:

  • Rachel Berry
  • Alex Worthy
  • Christine McSwain

Group 7–West, Miss Lonelyhearts

  • Shelby Walker
  • Bryce Tuggle
  • Aubrey Hendrixson

Group 8–Ellison, Invisible Man

  • Tina M Dean
  • Jasmin Wilson
  • Vince Gorman

Group 9–Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room

  • Brooke Fortune
  • Harvey E Shiver II
  • Peter Spearman

Note: there is no group 10 as that is our final novel as the due date would coincide with the final exam, and that’s just cruel. 


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