Autoblography Common Courtesy

1. Temperance: Keep it interesting. You wouldn’t want the dinner guests or in this case your classmates to get bored.
2. Silence: Be polite and put your technology on hold. All cell phones, ipods, and twitter alerts should be on vibrate or silent.
3. Order: Write legibly in case a classmate wishes to borrow your notes. Also, store all your notes in a three ring binder in chronological order.
4. Resolution: Make sure you achieve your desired exam score and ultimately G.P.A. by studying hard. Snacks help.
5. Frugality: Use whatever you have available to yourself; if it is reusable then recycle it. For example, if your roommate offers to let you use his books from last semester, take him up on his offer.
6. Industry: Keep yourself busy with useful schoolwork such as studying, reading, classwraps, autoblographies, and the 20% project.
7. Sincerity: Always be honest with each other when it comes to commenting on posts. But still keep it nice.
8. Justice: Do not cheat off of other’s work because this is unacceptable.
9. Moderation: Avoid focusing only on one text. If you only focus on one text you will not be able to appreciate the full range of the literature.
10. Cleanliness: Be respectful of others when it comes to your personal hygiene. Don’t sit close to someone in class if you haven’t showered in four and a half days or if you lost your toothbrush.
11. Tranquility: Do not pester your classmates when they are trying to pay attention in class and take notes. Do not distract them by getting on facebook while the professor is trying to lecture.
12. Chastity: Check yes or no. Class time is not when you should arrange coffee dates, text message, or should you choose to go old school, pass cheesy notes.
13. Humility: Remain modest if the professor compliments your annotating skills. You can’t be sure of what grade you will receive until after the midterm.

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