13 Words to Incorporate into Your Life

1. Love

always give it and you will receive it in abundance

2. Passion

you either have it or you don’t, but if you don’t, find it

3. Trust

if one never gives it, one will never receive it

4. Honor

the ability to keep sacred what is right, through all situations

5. Integrity

Represent yourself well, represent others even better

6. Perseverance

everyone has the capability to achieve it, yet few realize their capability

7. Loyalty

above all be loyal to what is important to you, or you will have nothing of importance

8. Honesty

be true to yourself, and others will be honest in return

9. Leadership

the wisdom to take a stand or a seat

10. Pride

never display it excess, but apply it to everything you do

11. Beauty

never take it for granted, for it never lasts

12. Intelligence

few have it, even fewer demonstrate it

13. Charm

your wing man if tough situations

I tried to create a personal rendition of Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues. Although my version isn’t necessarily based on virtues, it isn’t completely against the idea either. Rather, my list of words gives a new perspective on a way to think about things. My list is a grouping of definitions as well as a manual on how to use them. For instance, I do not define love, but I state that love is something one has to give, before one can receive it. Love has to be given as well as received, otherwise it isn’t love. I realize my one liners may resemble the wording that can be found on any motivational or “deep thought” poster, which may allude to their lameness. But, perhaps I should not even “flatter my vanity” like Franklin to think that my thoughts could even be compared to those, which are made into posters, but then again Franklin turned alright.

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