The Anti-Confessional

Dearest reader: I will confess to you, but i won’t be sorry. I will not confess to seek forgiveness nor connect my experience to a bigger reason for being.

Top 10 Things I Am Not Sorry For

1. Taking naps during the day for hours on end. Closing the heavy curtains until the room goes black and simulated night sets in. I revel in the dark quiet and often sleep better during the day than at night. Sometimes this leads to me missing out on events, class, or other responsibilities. Sometimes this means i am crazy or depressed or have a chronic condition. Most of the times, i simply make a choice to hole up into my cave of a room. and i will not apologize for it.

2. Sunday-funday. I will go to brunch on sundays (what some people like to call gods day) at AC’s to drink and and eat myself into a lazy stuper. I will steal the scrabble board from Kudu and take it with me into a booth and sit there till dinner time. On my way home, I will chainsmoke and stumble through the hazy bricked streets past loyal church goers taking walks through marian and loudly talk about inappropriate things.

3. Cursing. I drop the “f” bomb. If it were a southern man, this would be appropriate. Because i’m a woman, i get dirty looks.

4. I am a jewish liberal feminist advocate for choice and i think Obama is sexy as hell. Being a “yankee female”. Yes, i have opinions and i was raised in a place where dialogue and debate are favored over believing what the mommys and daddys of the world tell us to. I watch CNN and use fact, not religious rhetoric. I wear dark clothes and spandex = pants to me. Also, I detest those bright pink and green flower print dresses.

5. (Safe) Selfish Sex. Sometimes without commitment. Sometimes because i love the other person. Always because i love myself.

6. Listening to indie woman music and then occasionally blasting taylor swift. I can love my Regina Spektor with a side of “back to december”.

7. Being a book worm. I sleep with books in my bed.

8. Liking action-adventure fantasy books and movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

9. Loving tomatos. Tomato sauce, tomato sandwhiches, tomato soup.

10. Writing about the people i love or once loved or want to love.

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