AWG Events List


For regular updates, please visit AWG’s Facebook page. Here is a list of AWG events since the group was founded in 2011 (for details, look here):



  • “Lisa Sanditz and the Suburban Sublime,” Jennifer Baker (Philosophy, CofC)
  • Public Lecture, “Cover Records as Social Commentary,” Ted Gracyk (Philosophy, MN State, Moorhead)
  • “Why Birds Don’t Make Music,” Ted Gracyk (Philosophy, MN State, Moorhead)
  • Public Lecture, “Participatory Art,” Michael Kelly (Philosophy, UNC, Charlotte)
  • “Participatory Art and Aesthetics,” (AWG meeting) Michael Kelly (Philosophy, UNC, Charlotte)
  • “The Transgender Gaze in Film,” Richard Nunan (Philosophy, CofC ),
  • Discussion of  “Living Takes Many Forms,” by Shannon Jackson and “Microutopias: Public Practice in the Public Sphere,” by Carol Becker
  • Discussion of “Living as Form,” by Nato Thompson and “Eventwork: The Fourfold Matrix of Contemporary Social Movements,” by Brian Holmes.
  • “Participation as Spectacle: Where Are We Now?” by Claire Bishop and “Democratizing Urbanization and the Search for a New Civic Imagination,”  by Teddy Cruz


  • “Metaphor and Metaphysics in Zhuangzi,Tyler Ray (Philosophy and Religious Studies student, CofC)
  • Public Lecture, “The Norms of Nature Appreciation,” Glenn Parsons (Philosophy, Ryerson University, Toronto)
  • Discussion of “Interaction and Nature Appreciation,” by Robert Stecker.
  • “Tibetan Poetry in Exile,” Amberjade Mwekali (Philosophy student, CofC )
  • “Emotional and Ethical Expression in Music,” Jonathan Neufeld (Philosophy, CofC)

9/5/13 Meeting: Affect and Performance

Our first meeting will be led by Morgan Koerner of the German Department at C of C. He will be discussing the philosophical background of his position paper, “Affect in German Theater after the Performative Turn: Elfriede Jelinek’s Theater Texts in Performance.” We will read the position paper (it’s very short—4 pages), and the Introduction of Altieri’s The Particulars of Rapture: An Aesthetic of the Affects. Professor Koerner or I will send these readings along shortly. We will also take a look at a few video examples of productions of Jelinek’s work. The topic is connected to last year’s discussion of authenticity in performance and raises new topics on the role of the affects in artistic production, appreciation, and performance.

“Die Kontrakte des Kaufmanns” von Elfriede Jelinek – inszeniert von Nicolas Stemann

2/22 AWG Meeting: Davies on Authenticity

After a rousing meeting on Davies’s first two chapters (who knew ontology was so invigorating?), let’s do a bit on Authenticity in Music from Davies. I will summarize the bits of chapter 3 that are relevant for chapter 4, so you only need to read 4. But, of course, those interested should feel free to read 3. We will also give a quick snapshot of Ch’s 1 and 2 for those who couldn’t make it last time.
After we finish Davies, we’ll do something a little less analytic and abstract. I’m open to suggestions, if people are interested in anything in particular–I was thinking it might be interesting to do a screening of something (of an opera, a film, whatever) at some point, if there was interest. Professor Koerner will be giving us something on affect later in the term.