Movers Schedule for May Phase of Addlestone Improvement

Starting Saturday, May 3 through Friday, May 9, the movers will:

  • Move the entire  general collection (including the curriculum and juvenile collections) – some portion  will go onto the existing mobile shelving and the rest will be boxed and stored in the building.
  • Squeeze 60 wooden tables, 240 wooden chairs and 70 black lounge seats on the second and third floors into the smallest available space – to make space for the books and the massive amounts of shelving.

The movers will be working 7 am – 7pm, 7 days a week  to get this work under the supervision of Robin and Bobbie.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Thanks everyone – this is a massive undertaking with a large number of moving parts. You’ve all been so helpful, pitching in to identify what needs to be done, and then taking care of doing it.  We couldn’t ask for a better team.


Library Loading Dock and Receiving as of May 3rd

As of May 3rd there will be no access to the library loading dock and receiving.

  • All deliveries must enter through the Calhoun Street or Rivers Green entrance.
  • Mail services, please deliver mail to Reference Department, Room 101.
  • UPS and FedEx deliveries, check in at Interlibrary Loan Deptartment, Room 103.

The second and third floors of the Library will be closed due to renovations.

Study Skills Workshops 201: “Learning Google Drive” with guest speaker Jolanda van Arnhem, Instructional Design Librarian in the Addlestone Library

Google has a lot of different apps within it such as Gmail, Calendar, Documents, Presentations, and Hangouts. Come to this workshop to learn about Google Drive and Apps and all the amazing things you can do!  You will walk through sharing and collaborating in Google Docs, learn how to download Google Drive and discuss the ins and outs of each app.  You will leave this workshop set up and ready to use Google Apps!



Don’t Miss TODAY’S Study Skills Workshops 201 “Motivation for Writing” with guest speaker Melissa Thomas!

Study Skills Workshops 201: “Motivation for Writing” with guest speaker Melissa Thomas, J.D., Director of the Center for Student Learning.

Writing is a process that takes time and we all have our challenges with writing!  In this workshop we will discuss overcoming writing blocks and writing myths, drafting strategies, and organizing your writing.  Writing is something you will have to do for almost every course here at CofC, so learn how to be successful in your writing now!  



Special Collections and JHC

Special Collections and the Jewish Heritage Collection will be closed from May 3 through August 2014 as we expand our spaces for our patrons and collections.  We plan to reopen in late August.  but  please contact us before scheduling a visit.