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Computer Science Tutoring Lab now available

Posted by: Erin Blevins | September 8, 2016 | No Comment |

CSCI lab We are pleased to announce the opening of the walk in CSCI Tutoring Lab this fall, a partnership of the Center for Student Learning (CSL) and the Computer Science (CSCI) department.    We will offer 25 hours of tutoring each week in the CSL Computer Science Tutoring  Lab, staffed by majors in CIS, CITA, CS, and Data Science. These 6 tutors will also serve students in the non-major CSCI courses.   Interested in the CSCI lab schedule?   CSCI tutoring lab schedule

This new initiative is one of a number of collaborative efforts to address courses of concern in the School of Sciences and Math. It is our hope that offering a wide range of walk-in tutoring  hours each week, in a comfortable, familiar group lab setting, will be a more attractive and less effort-intensive option than our previous ‘by appointment’ method. Most students are very familiar with utilizing the CSL services, and thus the addition of CSCI tutoring in a walk-in Lab setting should make for an easy transition.

The CSL is grateful for the collaborative efforts of the SSM and,  in particular, CSCI chair Sebastian van Delden for his generous support and endorsement of the Lab.  And of course a huge thank you to the CSCI tutors, who have been enthusiastic, willing, and flexible, and worked with us throughout the summer to create a diverse schedule of tutoring in the majors.

(written by Lindy Coleman, Interim Director,  Center for Student Learning)


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