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Program Spotlight: Freshman Commuter Collegium

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What is the Freshman Commuter Collegium?

The Freshman Commuter Collegium (FCC) is located in the first floor McAlister common room with access off of St. Philip Street.   It is designed as a home away from home for freshman commuter students – a place they can hang out, gather their thoughts and recharge with new friends.  A variety of programs are offered that integrate learning, leadership opportunities and a sense of belonging.
It is open daily at 9:00 am and staffed with Peer Mentors through the early afternoon each day during the fall and spring semester.  The program offers:

•   Access to a fridge, a microwave and a small kitchen.
•    Study spaces, a flat screen TV, and several group work areas.
•    An “Honor Bar” with TAZO teas, hot chocolate, and other snack items.
•    Special events such as academic advising hours, study skill seminars and social hours




How many Freshman Commuters visit the Collegium?   

We averaged about 130 visits per week throughout the Fall 2014 semester. We sent emails out before the fall semester began to notify freshmen about the FCC.  It was popular in the fall semester, and we anticipate that it will be popular this semester as well.

What do the freshman that use this space enjoy the most about it?

1.) A place to sit and rest between classes.
2.) The sense of community with Peer Mentors and freshmen alike that the Freshman Commuter Collegium has to offer this select population.
3.) The programming that we feature!

What kinds of programs are being offered?

All sorts of programming is featured in the FCC. During fall 2014, one of our biggest hits was Study Skills to start college off presented by the Center for Student Learning, as well as a visit from Dining Services to inform commuters of the flexible dining hall options that they can use as commuters (it featured samples from Einstein’s bagels, as well!) We also have programming that the peer mentors put on, such as Tea Time with Thomas (a favorite last semester), Study Abroad Panels, Craft Hour, and other programs that our peer mentors create.

Anything else that is important to note about the Freshman Commuter Collegium and its future?

The FCC reaches out to over 230 first year commuter students.  Every week Sydney Grove, Student Director of the FCC and a senior Historic Preservation & Community Planning major, sends out updated information to this group regarding programming and support we offer them.

 Information provided by Bruce Fleming, Director Experiential & Residential Education and Sydney Grove, Student Director of the FCC.

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