Storeroom Stories: Wilkinson Empire 7-Day Razor Set, 1936-1952


Wilkinson Empire 7-Day Razor Set, 1936-1952 By Wilkinson Sword Co, Ltd. Made in London, Charleston Museum

By LaQuesha Harris

Wilkinson Sword Company originally manufactured swords in England for 100 years until 1898 they diversified into various innovative razors. One of the most successful brands was the Empire Razor Set series, which was introduced in 1930. The Empire Series featured the self-stropping. Each of these blades featured the familiar crossed swords logo. The Empire Series was manufactured until 1952.


1930-Wilkinson Sword Co. Empire Self-Stropping Model



The Empire type razor series still featured a removable wedge blade, but it was a smaller piece of steel with the same width as the earlier wedge blades.


1932- Wilkinson E10 Empire Set. Featured 6 blades and domed lid top

Empire sets were made in single blade form, two and three day’s sets, and also

in high end seven day sets. Each model maintained the rubber roller guard despite some bar guard models being produced later on. Wilkinson maintained the adjustment screw to vary the blade angle. The razors did not have the adjustment that titled the head in different angles to the handles.


1935-52 7- Wilkinson 7-day Empire Razor set


1950s- Wilkinson W12 Empire Razor



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