A Recap of the Architecture & Art History Club’s First Meeting

The Architecture & Art History Club (AAHC) held its first official meeting last Thursday, April 4. First of all, thanks to all of those who came out to learn about what the AAHC wants to do and accomplish as a group! To those who couldn’t make it, here’s the main points that we talked about.

The AAHC has a few sites in mind to visit in the future such as the Aiken-Rhett House, the Manigault House, and Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. If you’re thinking, I’ve already visited these sites, then consider going back with us! Because as an official group, we will be able to gain access to more focused tours and areas of the houses/gardens that might not be open to the regular touring public. The AAHC is also open to any ideas people have concerning places to see or things to do. If there is a particular site you’ve always wanted to know more about- let us know! If there is a gallery on Broad St you think the club would enjoy visiting- let us know! That’s the cool thing about the AAHC. We want to involve as many areas of the arts as possible. This includes architecture, art history, historic preservation, community planning, urban studies, visual art, performing art, the building arts- whatever you are into. One suggestion at the meeting was a group studio art class at Redux Contemporary Art Center. Redux offers group classes in painting, printmaking, and more that AAHC members could take together for reduced prices.

Another point talked about: the AAHC wants to be more than just a place to learn about the rich cultural city we are fortunate to live and study in. We want the AAHC to also be a place where you can network with students, professors, and local architecture and art history experts. That being said, if you know any professors or local experts you want to learn from (or certain professors or local experts you would like to get to know better) let us know! Lectures, tours, or interviews could possibly be set up if enough people are interested.

Finally, the AAHC is looking for students who are interested in leadership roles within the club. The club already has two co-presidents and a person in charge of social media. But if you are interested in being a treasurer, secretary, or whatever just contact someone below.

Once again, the club is open for suggestions and not too much is set in stone. So if you have any questions/concerns, just contact someone below and we can answer questions or work things out. Finally, this blog is going to be the main source for finding out more about the AAHC, so keep checking back here for updates and further info on the next meeting date/place. Hope to see you soon!



Audrey Marhoefer, Co-President / marhoeferac@g.cofc.edu

Dr. Gayle L Goudy, Sponsoring Professor / goudygl@cofc.edu


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